New function mini-PLC!
Activation of relay 4 'depending on the status of the 4 digital inputs



With the PROTECH module create your remote control system and you can manage it using a PC, smartphone and tablet wherever you go!
PROTECH is a quick and easy way to make a video surveillance system or a remote control to control lights, blinds, gates, cameras and systems with sensors.
Represents the evolution of the card signed FT823M (Ethernet Control 4 inputs and 4 outputs), enriched with new features and a whole new interface which makes it usable even from devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It has 4 digital inputs and 4 relays (NC and NO contacts), which can check status and operate them with lights and buttons virtual dedicated webpage (I/O board). The display of the I/O occurs in real time, as well as the activation of the relay, in ON, OFF and Pulse mode, the latter mode enable you to operate the relay, for a predetermined time (0,5 sec up to 5 min) The PROTECH system provides the possibility to expand the number of inputs and the relays up to a maximum of 8x8, where the first 8 stands for the number of boards simultaneously connectable to the PROTECH board and the second 8 stands for the number of inputs or relays edge of the expansion boards. The web interface provides both a management page of an expansion board with 8 inputs (EXPIN), is an expansion board with 8 relays (EXPOUT) In the case of a video surveillance system, one of the relays can be used for the activation of an IP camera, which the recovery will be easily viewable to the Web page CAM interface
NOTIFICATION: The system, once configured with the parameters of an SMTP e-mail accounts, to the dispatch of email notifications whenever one of the 4 inputs undergoes a change of logic state. Each of the 4 input lines can be enabled for sending notifications

* Portability with its integrated web interface. In this way you will not have any management SW
* Easy installation and use
* Low Cost

Possible applications:
* home automation system to control lights, doors, shutters, gates ...
* versatility thanks to the many built-in features
* remote control system for shops, factories, offices, construction sites, etc...
* small/medium video surveillance system
* sistem integrability in complex through the use of direct commands
* applications for mini-PLC

PROTECH is connected via Ethernet cable to the LAN or, for example, to an access-point WiFi, so you can be seen by all devices from which will be managed, whether they are PCs, tablets and smartphones. The easiest solution, especially in the home or office, provides a direct connection to an Ethernet port ADSL router, preferably WiFi. In this scenario, once the machine is configured for routing on the Internet, you can access both PROTECH from the Internet, that the local WiFi network (WLAN)

Progetto Protech

* 4 digital inputs (active low)
* 4 outputs relays with NO and NC dry contact,1A 24VDC-0,5A 120VAC
* I/O expandability up to 68 lines via expansion cards to be connected via the appropriate connector on the board
* Integrability in complex systems and centralized thanks to the use of the direct commands, designed to control the PROTECH and all its expansion cards
* Programmable pulse on the 4 relay PROTECH and those expansions
* Restoration of the state of all relays after blackout
* Mini-webserver and control interface via web
* Mini-PLC for 4 relays on board (activation depending on the configuration of the 4 digital inputs)
* Ethernet connector
* I2C serial interface
* Web interface remotely upgradeable
* Network protocols HTTP,DHCP,SMTP,TCP
* Shipping messsaggi via TCP/HTTP and/or e-mail to the change of status of the inputs
* Free Access or via login credentials
* Possibility of customization
* Dimensions: 125 x 90 x 25 mm
* Supply: 12V DC


One PROTECH: E 95,00
Two PROTECH: E 180,00
Three PROTECH: E 270,00
Stock of 10 PROTECH E 805,00
A. PROTECH + plastic box + power pack + Expansion 8 inputs + Expansion 8 relays: E 185
B. PROTECH + plastic box + power pack + IP-Camera (motorized): E 180
C. PROTECH + plastic box + power pack + Expansion 8 inputs + Expansion 8 relays + IP-Camera (motorized): E 255
D. PROTECH + plastic box + power pack + Programmer(*): E 172
(*)the programmer allows the firmware update management in the monent where it will be released a new version
* Prices are VAT included
* contribution of shipping for deliveries outside Italy: E 25

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